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It is also a fact that the state destroys the system by corrupting a part of the electorate and this is done with the retirement benefits. We tried to introduce the order by 2003. The current system is unfair because it does not provide a sufficient December 2018 Calendar Spanish level of pension, but under these conditions it is financially viable.

December 2018 Calendar Spanish

This low level of pension budget can withstand. SDP proposes to increase pension expenditures by 1 percent, just opposite to the government. 1 per cent is 4 billion kuna, so pensions would be dumped for an average of 300 kuna. From HRK 4 billion, billions of dollars are to be returned to the state through VAT because pensioners will spend money, said Vidovic. percent of average salary. ‘

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The hog is completely wrong in solving the problem of short-lived life. You need to see how to increase that people work from 30 to 37 years. This can not be done by penalizing, as the Government now does, as it increases penalties from 15 to 20 percent. The SDP proposes to stimulate that everyone working for 41 years in order to guarantee them 75 to 80 percent of their salary over the course of their working lives.

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“A journalist question why the government insists on working age 67 has answered that this recommendation , and not the European Commission’s request. “None of them explained the specifics of Croatia. We must find a way for people to work up to 65 years. This is insane that the Government insists on something that is not needed, “concluded Vidovic.

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The first dm store in Ogulin opened its doors to customers on September 19th at Bernardina Frankopana 15 / a. On the day of the visit, the visitors were greeted by a multitude of activities and discounts, and a surprise was made by Ogulin’s Mayor Dalibor Domitrovic, who spent an hour on the role of a dm-seller. With the work on the dm cashier’s mayor, he has “earned” 44,600 kuna, which was dm then donated to the City for decorating the children’s playground.

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The dm’s in Ogulin is also the fourth store in Karlovac County where customers can find products of renowned brands as well as products dm brands that are distinguished by an excellent price and quality ratio. Ogulin dm extends to 340 square meters and has four newly recruited employees who are now part of a family of more than 1,400 employees. The HNS filed criminal charges for counterfeiting, and the initiative accuses the ruling parties of inventing and announcing a lawsuit against the Constitutional Court.

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Obviously, completing the signature verification is not completely finished. It could have a justice. Minister of Administration Lovro Kuščević reiterated that the commission made a professional and objective opinion or report. To a large number of irregularities, the minister said, because of the bad organization. “When I look at the last few months, it is clear that there were no ideological December 2018 Calendar Spanish controversies, but certain political groups that have the goal of destabilizing the Government, and have emerged through such initiatives, have been trying to reduce the electoral threshold, become visible and take up their position in Parliament. We see that this will not happen, “Kuščević said.

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