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“The Arab world needs a modern version of old transnational media so that citizens can be informed about global events. More importantly, we need to provide a platform for the Arabic voice,” Khashoggi wrote.What is the last Trump stand?Saudi Arabia is one of Washington’s closest allies and Khashoggi’s disappearance, putting the US administration in a disastrous position.Affirming that a¬†December 2018 Calendar To Print video was alleged to have been claimed as evidence of the murder, Trump added: “I’m not sure yet that there is, probably exists, it may be there.”

December 2018 Calendar To Print

Trump said he expects a report by Secretary of State Mike Pompe who, in the case of Khashoggi, visited Saudi Arabia and Turkey.The president said that the truth will be found “by the end of the week”.He denied on Wednesday that he was trying to “cover” the Saudi allies in an affair of the disappearance of journalists who, according to Turkish officials, were killed in Istanbul on the orders of Riyadh.

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“Not at all, I just want to know what’s going on,” Trump told reporters in the White House. “I do not cover the Saudis at all,” he insisted.In recent days, Trump has said that Khashoggi’s disappearance is responsible for “rebuking the killers” and warned that Riyadh will not be blamed immediately.

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Turkish investigation, Turkish investigators left the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul after they searched the building and vehicles for an investigation into the disappearance of journalists, Reuters’ eyewitness said on Thursday.It was the second conspiracy of the consulates this week. The investigators spent around nine hours there on Monday.Turkish and Saudi investigators also spent almost nine hours at the Saudi Consulate’s residence earlier this Thursday.Turkish officials have accused Riyadh of sending a specially trained team to kill journalists, but the Saudi authorities deny it.

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Some media, including the Washington Post for which Khashoggi worked, have announced that there are audio and video recordings that prove that the journalist was “interrogated, tortured and then killed” inside the consulate and then dismantled. “This is what the government is doing is a dangerous spoil pension system. Their goal is to cut pension expenditures, and Minister Pavic admitted it yesterday.

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I do not know why they want to do it, komfor the former minister of labor and social system N1, SDP’s Davorko Vidovic has proposed a new pension system proposal and what it will mean for retirement. He does not think that the current pension system is unsustainable. “Whoever says this is wrong. We have expenditures below the EU average.

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It is a lie that the European Commission is seeking to reduce pension expenditures. They are looking to improve the system so that people do not live below the poverty line. The reform law was in 1999-2001. year, ‘he added, and then added that they realized¬†December 2018 Calendar To Print that part of the cost of their own safety in the old age must be borne by the present workers, and that is why they introduced a three-tier system.’ Why pensions would be raised by 7.5% of GDP rather than 14% which was at the time of my term.

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