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Zakir claims that this region, rich in ores and fuels, in which, according to its official data, lives more than 11 million Uighurs, since the 1990s was faced with ‘three evil forces’ – terrorism, extremism and separatism.’Program of vocational January 2019 Calendar Excel education and training’ allows detainees to “think about their mistakes and clearly see the essence and damage to terrorism and religious extremism,” Zakir claims, and found that camps hold lectures on Chinese history, language and culture.

January 2019 Calendar Excel

The official did not reveal whether the detainees were forced to listen to them. He added that they were provided with a ‘nutritious and free diet’, that their homes were ‘fully equipped’ and that competitions and sports events were regularly held. Human Rights Watch’s Director for China Sophie Richardson pointed out that Zakirov did not address the world concern about ‘mass arbitrary detention’,

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repression and the chilling of religious freedom, and warned the Chinese government of restoring credibility by “freeing all detainees and closing camps” rather than strengthening the propaganda The Zachary’s response to the Xinhua agency is broken by Uighur’s quotations that allegedly passed training and praise the government for giving them the opportunity to change, Hina reports.

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“The authorities did not give up on me. They have actively rescued me and helped me, giving me free food, accommodation and education, “one of the Uighurs said, adding that” he will appreciate the opportunity provided and become a person beneficial to the state and society. “They are an ethnic Turkish people who mostly live in Xinjiang , today making up about 45 percent of the population there. Prior to the systematic settlement of the Han people, who are the majority in the most populous country of the world, the Uighur constituted the majority in that province.

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They consider themselves to be culturally and ethnically connected with the countries of Central Asia, and their language is similar to Turkish. According to a memorandum on dozens of pages broadcast by the media, Assange, who requested and received asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, was ordered to avoid political activities in particular, “interfering with the internal affairs of other countries.” In addition, he was told to observe hygiene in the bathroom and was warned to take proper care of his cat, as embassy officials would otherwise be taken to a shelter for uninhabited animals.

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According to the British media, Assange has been left out of the Internet since March this year, breaking a previous deal that it will not interfere with the internal affairs of other countries. The reports that leaked from the embassy show that Assange is allowed to use the computer and that any unauthorized the use of equipment from his or her guests is considered to be a security offense m who will be reported to the relevant British authorities.

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Assange’s lawyer, Carlos Povede, complained on Tuesday that the rules are too strict and that his client is not allowed to use the Internet. “It is actually a prison regime that is opposed to basic human dignity,” Poveda said, said the British January 2019 Calendar Excel Guardian. European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, who also addressed EU leaders, said that May did not make any new proposal in his address.

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