January 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

” Previously, the police had even been able to prove that the words, which were apparently not allowed to have been written on Lithuanian and not on Swedish soil. This had resulted in computer engineering investigations by the police. The persecution January 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay seems to be so ambitious that it does not want to stop at Sweden’s borders.

January 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay


One learns from this: Swedish skills are dangerous, no matter where you live. The trial is due to start on February 4, 2019. The complaint was filed by “Johan Eriksson” – a false name that is now known to be Tomas Åberg again Tomas Bergström was called recently. (The reason for his change of name was that he had been convicted of animal cruelty.)

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This is the main person behind the organization “Network Hate Inspector”, who uses state-funded computers to scour the Internet for textual parts.Already allowed Sweden’s SwedishLetterOn the other hand, it also came out the other day that the rune is still allowed for “t”. That someone wanted to be judicially checked.

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Reason was that the “Nordiska motstandsrörelsen” / “Nordic Resistance Movement”, an organization whose members have amazingly little hair on their heads even at a young age, they used as a symbol (in black on a green background). The t-rune, too called Tyr-Rune, looks like a T of the Latin script, but with the left and the right side stroke descending 45 degrees (ie like an arrow up).

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“Försäkringskassan” / “the insurance fund” can also be relieved of the verdict, because she too uses a logo with this old letter. The runes, often mystified and surrounded by false rumors, were a typeface. Over 50% of the runic inscriptions in the world (not counting so-called Hungarian or Turkish runes) are located on Swedish territory. They are simply cultural heritage of the country (Prof. Dr. Bo Ralph, University of Gothenburg, teaching).

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Of course, the Swedes can not help that the runes (and other cultural traits of the Germans, a normal people 3,000 – 2,000 years ago) usurped by a known regime of another country, Germany, were misunderstood and misused. However, there are now politicians who want to change the legislation regarding the use of the t-rune, eg. B. Annie Lööf, head of the Center Party. Scholars who deal with the ancient culture of Scandinavia are irritated. Epilogue “Political persecution” and “Sweden” are terms that sound downright absurd.

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It sounds about as stupid as banana plantations at the North Pole. But the times have become like that; it is – unfortunately – not fake news or satire. The events discussed above should also be portrayed and denounced in the German media. Swedish state television has even produced a contribution for its children’s program (broadcast on 31.7.2018), which explains to the youngest what freedom January 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay of expression is: “Freedom of expression is, if you can say, whatever you want, unless you hurt and hurt someone and you’re mean to him. “There’s a 15-second snippet on YouTube. A man gives the explanation above, and a woman in the background means” all around “

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