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A man from Saltsjö-Boo (near Stockholm) had commented on a discussion with the title: “What do you mean to Somalis, the at our expense Somalia on vacation? “The man of age in his sixties had said on Facebook that they were lazy, like Roma January 2019 Calendar Marathi and Sinti, and wrote,” Anyone who can get a Somali to work should become a minister of labor. “In court, the man tried to argue and relativise, but he was not listened to.

January 2019 Calendar Marathi


In September he was sentenced under the HMF law to 15,600 crown penalty.A 60-year-old from Kungsängen A 60-year-old from Kungsängen (near Stockholm) wrote on the Internet: “Only one in five Somalis has an IQ of over 70.” prosecutor Paulina Brandberg accused him in May 2018. He said he was derogatory about people from Somalia, which is punishable by up to two years in prison.


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The man was referring to a book written by British Professor Richard Lynn and his Finnish colleague Tatu Vanhanen: “IQ and the Wealth of Nations.” According to this book, the average IQ in Somalia and its neighboring countries is 70. The scientists also show that there is a statistical correlation between the IQ, which is partly hereditary, and the wealth of countries.64-year-old from HörbyIn the discussion Jan-Erik Ander (a cartoonist born in 1946) drew the following satirical image for children’s marriages.

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You can see two men with beard and oriental headgear. The man on the right has a stroller in which a child with a veil sits. The other asks: “Grandchild?” Then the man with the stroller: “No, this is my new wife.” DO YOU KNOW THE ARTICLE 5 CLUB Freedom of opinion prevails or not A 64-year-old from Hörby posted in February 2017 the picture in a closed Facebook group discussing children’s marriage. The Hörbyer wrote that Islam is a “pedophile sect,” he “must be stopped,” and he “should have no access to Europe.” During the police interrogation, the man said he had taken the picture humorously; this was not meant bad.


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In the summer of 2018 he was sentenced in Lund to 3,000 crown penalty. At the instigation of prosecutor Mathias Larsson, the man was expressly condemned not only for his commentary but also for the publication of the cartoon itself. The man had expressed his “clear disregard for persons of the Muslim creed” and the offense was “not low “, said the court. Hörby is located in Schonen.

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This is the region in which the Sweden Democrats were able to achieve their highest results in the Reichstag elections – and from where party leader Jimmie Åkesson also comes (already audible in the accent). People from Skåne are now sometimes suspected of being blanket suspects.


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A Swede living in LithuaniaA 67-year-old Swedish pensioner living in Lithuania wrote Islam-critical comments on the Sweden Democrat Facebook page. Nevertheless, he is now being charged with the Solna district court (ie in Sweden). Prosecutor Hans January 2019 Calendar Marathi Morgell says: “Jag gör gällande att effects av brottet har skett i Sverige.” / “I argue that the effect of crime in Sweden has happened.

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