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He pointed out that part of the irregularity refers to violations of criminal law. “But let’s leave it to the institutions, HNS filed a criminal report, and there is no need to submit it to the government,” Kuščević said in the Open. She claims that most of the January 2019 Calendar PDF non-validated signatures were proclaimed because some numbers were corrected, unclear …

January 2019 Calendar PDF

‘We expected two or three percent of the signature to be invalid. This appears in every election, this initiative does not deviate from other initiatives, “said Kanački.Ministru Kuščević, said that they had failed to accept the unambiguously expressed will of Croatian citizens who signed the initiatives. Kristina Pavlović, co-ordinator of the Civic Initiative of the Istanbul Truth, highlighted is how the official government had already initially determined against the referendum initiatives and showed it throughout this period.

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She reminded that their initiative was forbidden to gather in Rijeka, Pula and some other places. ‘The Government is with its unceasing harmed the initiative, it made our observers impossible. About 45,000 invalid signatures are completely unfaithful, we do not believe every ninth signer made something wrong, “Pavlovic said. Kuscevic says it is unacceptable if one dead person signs.

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‘If you went with an initiative instead of three, you might want to get better,’ he told them. “Prime Minister Plenkovic knows that the Istanbul Convention has not reduced violence in any country, nor will it be in Croatia. He received an instruction from Brussels and he had to listen, and the Ministry was given the task of not allowing a referendum, “said Ladislav Ilčić, party president HRAST – A Movement for Successful Croatia. What is not allowed for observers to be present at the signature check Ilcic believes that 400 thousand Croatian voters are permanently lost trust.

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The 400,000 people who signed both of these initiatives are mostly right-center voters, he said. As Arsen Bauk reports, SDP’s chairman of the SDP Club, he says there is no significant number of invalid signatures, but whether 374,000 those needed to launch a referendum. Furio Radin, the vice-president of the Parliament (representative of the Italian national minority), said he was keen to sign up for referendum issues before the Constitutional Court. ‘

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The Constitutional Court also says the referendum scandal is sending a ratified agreement on violence against women. As for the minorities – I consider it insulting par excellence – you have the moral courage to say that there are first and second-order representatives, those who can decide something and who can not decide. I do not consider it only as a minor offense, but personal insults after so many years in the Parliament, “Radin said. His speech was called by Canadian with a clear demagoguery.

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‘There are no first and second class representatives, there are first and second voters. You know that we are the only country in Europe that has eight representatives of national minorities who go to a custom key in the Croatian Parliament. You have reserved seats January 2019 Calendar PDF in the Parliament, and that is the number of countries all together, “said Kanački. He added that by signing these initiatives, Croatian citizens said there was a lot of political trade.

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