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Apple voice recognition, Siri, is better than its predecessors, not because it uses a new algorithm, but because it knows more about the user, such as having an address directory or knowing its location on a city map. Automatic translation programs are still of limited January 2019 Calendar South Africa use, but they have recently improved because they have a large body of corresponding texts in different languages.

January 2019 Calendar South Africa

“Some concern” The first machine age began with the Industrial Revolution in the second Half of the 18th century. A series of technical inventions fundamentally changed the world of work. The fear that the machines could take away the work of the people was also shared by prudent economists. John Maynard Keynes predicted high unemployment at the beginning of the 1930s as a result of technological progress.

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“In the second half of the 1950s,” writes the NZZ in the Good Friday issue of 1962, “large numbers of citizens of Zurich were seized with confusion However, a study commission set up by the Government Council came to the conclusion that automation “probably affects only a small minority of workers and workers in the long term Employment »

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.This view that automation creates more jobs than it destroys is, according to Brynjolfsson and McAfee, the dominant among economists. But theoretically it is difficult to justify and, moreover, it comes under empirical pressure. “In the past two hundred years, technical progress has greatly increased productivity, but a look at the data shows that by the end of the twentieth century, employment has developed in step with productivity.

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However, data also show that employment has decoupled from productivity in the recent past. “Only now, after 200 years of technological progress, are people on the defensive. There would be major dislocations. Not only has the economist’s graph solved employment from productivity, but there has also been a gap between the increase in gross domestic product per capita and the median income.

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Where is the human race? Google’s self-driving car has also affected Nicholas Carr , It brings back memories of his youth and his first car – a hand-operated Subaru – but it also makes him think about the future. It’s dark thoughts: Although computers are still as “brainless as a toothpick,” they are now able to emulate our most valued intellectual abilities. Not only do computers take away the work of many people, they also change work. Because people have to adapt to the machine, they are dumbing down.


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“Suspended” is Carr’s book (2014) in German translation, a title that answers the question raised by the subtitle: “Where does a human being stay when computers decide?” Brynjolfsson and McAfee are optimistic. Technology gives us power to change the world, but with that there is a great responsibility. “There will be a reward or a disaster that humanity has never seen.” What to do to avoid the catastrophe? January 2019 Calendar South Africa Brynjolfsson and McAfee have little new ideas. They recommend that individuals pay attention to a good education. They advise the politicians to work for good schools and good infrastructure, and for an immigration policy that attracts well-educated, entrepreneurial young foreigners.

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