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The state should also mitigate rising unemployment through a negative income tax. In the end, the two economists emboldened with a quote from Martin Luther King: “History has a long history, but it leans towards justice.” Sweden has been drifting January 2019 Calendar Telugu into serious problems of its liberal culture for the last year or two. What you say and write can be dangerous. More and more people are being interrogated and sentenced. Some cases (from already hundreds this year) as well as a few backgrounds.

January 2019 Calendar Telugu

© Getty ImagesMan may not believe it, but it is true: The political persecution in Sweden continues to pick up speed. For more and more critical political commentary, which in a country like the US or South Korea would naturally be covered by the freedom of expression, one lands in Sweden before the judge. In fact, everyone would need to attend a Swedish class to read / listen to the sources in the original and make sure that there are no bad jokes.


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Flippancy, humor, exaggerations, carelessness – all of this can not be more. In other words, human weaknesses can not be more. Many political opinions are undesirable and can no longer be. TE reported recently on the case of Denny Abrahamson, who was tried in Sweden for Islam-critical Facebook comments.

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SWEDEN: GREAT SILENCE Sweden: Facebook comments lead to police interrogation In that TE article, too, the system became the subject of hundreds of ads in the The year leads, explains and first brought to a German audience in mind: the organization “Netzhassprüfer” (“Näthatsgranskaren”), the search by computer for unpleasant remarks – and then ads, police hearings, court. The legal basis for this is laid by a recently tightened law called “Hets mot folkgrupp” “Hate against ethnic groups”.

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“HMF” is now the new abbreviation in the Swedish media. Because convictions for “hets mot folkgrupp” are now so common that the reporting is easier if you use the short cut. Many sufferers are retirees. (See also the age details below for most of the individual reports.) Having lived their country liberally for a lifetime, they often can not begin to grasp the harshness with which they are persecuted when posting comments in social networks. Many add a lawyer too late.

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It is true: some writings on the Internet are lump sum and therefore incorrect, z. “All migrants are criminal.” Nevertheless, the state has kept itself out of this, and Sweden goes far beyond pursuing such lump sums. Incidentally, if ethnic Swedes are “discriminated” on the Internet, the judiciary does not intervene. And she does not care enough about the real crimes in Sweden that are abound.


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The above-mentioned Denny Abrahamson was acquitted. Not because the political justice considered him “innocent”, but because he had not been able to prove the “offense”. In the long interrogation, he had wisely and constantly criticized new January 2019 Calendar Telugu harassment. In the following, we must report some new cases of persecution by HMF. In many of them it did not go so well. Note: About 10 kroner = 1 euro.

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